An insane spy turned Druid


Name: Cross Race: Sunelf/Draconi Creature Class:Urban Druid Level: 7 Gender:Female Age: 276 Alignment:LN

Strength:16 Dexterity:17 Constitution:18 Intelligence:15 Wisdom:16 Charisma:15

Hit Points: 72 Armor Class:19

Fortitude:9 Reflex:5 Will:8

Glaive -Attack:8 -Damage:1d10 Dart -Attack:8 -Damage: 1D2 —-tipped in paralysis poison (DC 13) Claws -Attack: 8/8 -Damage: 1D3

Armor Skin Paint -Bonus: 5 Must be applied every day, takes 4 minutes

Skills Knowledge(Nature) 14 Survival 10 Listen 7 Spot 9 Search 6 Concentration 7 Diplomacy 7 Heal 8 Profession(Spy) 13 Intimidate 7

Familiar Bastion Type: Large Viper Gender: Male Color: Green Level: 7 Alignment: CN Hit Points:24 Armor:15

Attack Bite -Attack: 2/6 -Damage: 1D4 1D6 con damage DC 11 Grapple -Attack 2/6


Cross, that was the name many called her.. then again it had once been Crossed-Face, named for the Scar that spanned her cheek, dark and corded against her Golden flesh. She couldn’t recall her real name nor could she recall who had named her so in the first place. Still it didn’t matter really, She had been called many other things, Freak being the most popular. It might not have been so bad if she had been able to hide her scales or maybe even her eyes, red as they were.

But none of that had really been her fault, it had been her parents, at least who she had known as parents. They thought her possessed by evil, tainted by the blood that ran through her veins. They performed exorcisms and rituals, blood letting anything they thought could ‘help’ eventually going to far as carving into her face, cutting off scales that protruded from her skin. She knew it wrong, but when they died in a raid, she couldn’t feel any sadness at their passing. They had changed her far to much, it was hard for her to feel compassion for other people, children being the only ones she could love.

After raid though, the rest of the town eventually drove her out. She couldn’t blame them, not after she had that psychotic break and killed a priest and his attendants. Though the priest probably shouldn’t have drug her by her hair either. She took the roads then, adapting and learning what she could in the wild. It had be difficult at first, as young as she was though she didn’t need much to get by, just food and drink, some shelter if she could find it.

Soon though she found herself wandering the streets of cities until she was snatched and placed into a role because of what she was. They needed someone to spy on the army of tiamat, they would pay her well and keep her clothed, she just had to risk her life for them. She had refused at first, and refused a dozen more times until they finally forced her into it.

She was ashamed to admit she took to her new role with ease. She was never caught and had managed to collect quite a bit of information for the army. When her role was over though she found that her employers hadn’t cared enough to ensure her life after, though they promised her tutelage and schooling it was denied and she was banished from the country. The woods where she ended up were dense, dark and very damp. Green moss and herbs covered every surface. Unable to find food or shelter, after countless days of foraging she finally collapsed, her body to hungry to move on.

As she slept, she dreamt of strange things, mostly winged snakes that begged her attention, vats of broth that never grew cold and always tasted fresh, chanting words echoed by the crackle of a fire.

When her eyes fluttered open for the first time in what she was told had only been a few days, she found herself in a little house and man worked diligently over a pot in the hearth. Was this her savior? The man didn’t look old, but he didn’t look to young either. Then again appearances weren’t much, she was nearing 136 yrs and she still looked a bit like a child, her life thus far ill equipped to nourish her the way she needed to grow.

The man’s name was Talon, he was human as far as she could tell and he never once stared at her scales or scars, in fact he didn’t even seem to notice them. Instead he taught her things that she didn’t know, helped her connect with nature and taught her how to survive in the wild and make friends with the creatures around them. She made many companions that she shared her life with, Talons teachings carried on even after she left him, armed with a pot of skin paint that would never empty and a wish for her to return to him soon.

She made her way to a nearby village, made friends and found herself running with a shadier crowd that she had ever known, eventually becoming a leader of a clan. She entered into negations with Clan nevermore and is now working to help further they’re goals.

Fun Facts: She doesn’t discriminate in the people she loves, she’d just as soon love a woman as she would a man. She has a thing for Silence and an attraction Toward Haru She has moments where she’ll have psychotic breaks and the only way to stop her is use a child as a shield, or an childlike creature.


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