Lt. Mahria Benedictus


Name:Lt. Mahria Benedictus Class: Monk Race:Human Alignment: LN Deity: Bahomet Level: 3 Age: 26 Gender: Female Height: 5’4” Eye:Brown Hair:Burnt Red

Strength:17 Dexterity:16 Constitution: 17 Intelligence: 15 Wisdom: 15 Charisma:13

Fortitude: 6 Reflex: 6 Will: 5

Hitpoints: 33 Armor Class: 20

Attacks: Unarmed Strike -Bonus: 5 -Damage: 1d6 + 8 Gauntlets +5 Ice Damage

Sais -Bonus: 5 -Damage 1d4 + 3

Quarter Staff -Bonus: 5 Damage 1d6 +3

Armor Skin Paint -Bonus: 5

Skills: Balance 7 Climb 5 Concentration 5 Craft 4 Diplomacy 3 Escape artist 5 Hide 5 Jump 4 Knowledge(arcana) 8 Listen 8 Move silently 5 Perform 3 Profession (Lt.) 4 Spot 8 Tumble 5

Troops- 30 members strong


Born and raised in Narista, she was the daughter of the town’s mayor Malorian, she had a sister whom she held dear to her heart. She was young still when the Lich King attack with his armies and she found herself fighting in her father’s stead. She led 30 troops into the harsh climate of battle and as she suffered losses, the king Lucian took notice of her. He realized who she was and became determined to kill her while he had the chance, soon all but four of her troops were dead. Retreating from battle she returned to the encampment, finding that she was to be sent out on a mission to the woods. There was a woman waiting for them that held the key to defeating Lucian once and for all. Though the trek was long and arduous they prevailed in the end and she retired from military life.

During the quest she Grew closer to a man who went by the name of Zar, eventually they married and had four children, Malakhai, Ankh, Perseph and Thalia(named for her sister). Raising them to abide by the family motto of, Debon valor sever loyale. Serving the city and it’s people loyally.

Lt. Mahria Benedictus

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