Silence (Eve)

Silence the Phoenix


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Silence (Eve)
  • Class – Assassin
  • Race – Unknown
  • Alignment – Chaotic Neutral
  • Deity – Elona
  • Level – 7
  • Size – Medium
  • Age – Undefined
  • Gender – Female
  • Height – 5’5”
  • Weight – 120 pounds
  • Eyes – Metallic-like Silver
  • Hair – Black
  • Strength – Ability Score 16, – Ability Modifier 3
  • Dexterity – Ability Score 20, – Ability Modifier 5
  • Constitution – Ability Score 18, – Ability Modifier 4
  • Intelligent – Ability Score 15, – Ability Modifier 2
  • Wisdom – Ability Score 18, – Ability Modifier 4
  • Charisma – Ability Score 14, – Ability Modifier 2
  • Hit Points – 70
  • Armor Class – 24 = 10 + 4 + 3 + 5
  • Initiative – 5 = 5
  • Base Attack – 5
  • Fortitude – 6 = 2 + 4
  • Reflex – 10 = 5 + 5
  • Will – 6 = 2 + 4
  • Melee – 18 = 15 + 3
  • Ranged – 10 = 5 + 5
  • Tompha – 8/3 , 1D8+3 , 19 – 20(x2)
  • Shuriken – 10 , 1D4 , 30ft.
  • Pistol – 10 , 1D6 , 18 – 20 (x2) , 240ft , 1D6 Not vital , 2D6 Vital
  • Whip – 1D4 , x3 Vital
  • Scale Mail – 4
  • Pick Pocket – 11 = 5 + 6
  • Disable Device – 11 = 5 + 6
  • Jump – 9 = 3 + 6
  • Swim – 9 = 3 + 6
  • Spot – 8 = 2 + 6
  • Search – 10 = 4 + 6
  • Sneak – 11 = 5 + 6
  • Hide – 11 = 5 + 6
  • Use Rope – 10 = 4 + 6
  • Read Lips – 10 = 4 + 6
  • Intimidate – 8 = 2 + 6
  • Gather Info – 8 = 2 + 6
  • Lock Pick – 11 = 5 + 6
  • Ride – 11 = 5 + 6
  • Bluff – 8 = 2 + 6
  • Detect Trap – 10 = 2 + 6 + 2

Gear x2 Antidote, Rope, Inviability Ring , Guild Leader Cloak, Master Lockpick , Water, x30 Magic Scrolls, Bedroll, Crystal ball Pendant, Rations, Salve/Gause, Black Velvet Mask, Embroidered Jewel Glove, Silver Comb, Cloak of Elvenkind, Friendship Bracelet, x7 Acid Flasks, x5 Flasks of Alchemist Fire, Stone of Darkness, Helm of Telepathy, 1,000 Feathers

Language Common, Elven, Uncommon, Facesign

Special Abilities/Feats Sneak Attack 4D6, Produce Rose, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Crippling Blow, Am. Dexterity, Two Weapon Fighting, Dancing Blades


A Long Summary of Her History

  • Silence, better known as Eve. She is the 14th daughter of Caine’s 13 children; her birth brought on the death of Lilithe, Caine’s wife (or so she was led to believe). Eve was named by her mother’s dying breath, and was soon found that she was not a vampire, like her older siblings. This caused a scandal and forced Caine to exile Eve. She was raised by a human Assassin and was taught everything he knew, and was later sold to a Necromancer, Gabriel, who planned to turn her into a minion, but he fell in love with her and they married. On their wedding night, Gabriel was killed by the Caliph’s guards and Eve was brought to him and forced into his harem (because of her unnatural red eyes). After a year and half, Eve broke out and released the prisoners (to distract the guards from her target), killed the Prince, and tortured the Caliph. Eve passed out in a pool of blood long after the Caliph had died (she was still breaking his bones and stabbing him while laughing maniacally). When she came to, Eve was being carried by a vampire, Adameth (who was ordered to return her to Caine). On their travels, the two had gotten close, closer than they should have gotten.
  • When Eve was brought to the underground temple of the vampires, her birth was revealed to her and she was given the choice to live amongst her family (which she agreed to); Caine killed Eve in front of everyone and began organizing a ritual. The original 13 vampires were brought before him, as were 10 necromancers and 10 sorcerers. Eve’s body was placed in the middle of the circle and was set on fire by the eternal flames of the great phoenix god, her 13 siblings were sacrificed and their blood was infused into Eve’s body, and she was brought to life. In her new body, Eve was immune to fire and the light from the sun caused her to glow red and have heat waves emit off of her; her eyes were also no longer red, but a metallic-like silver. Adameth was charged with helping Eve understand her new powers and the two were soon Blood-Bonded to each other with Caine’s blessing. After several years, Eve had gotten restless and went to the surface, where she met Zuberi (the second werewolf to have ever lived) and the two fought (though Zuberi will never understand his lust for this Kainnite). Adameth rendered Zuberi unconscious and brought her back to her father, where they learned there was going to be a battle between the two races (which is why Eve had been turned into the creature she was). During the battle, Eve killed the Alpha Werewolf and was immediately “killed” by Zuberi when he bit her neck. It was here that everyone learned that Eve CANNOT DIE; she is rendered unconscious while her body regenerates (like the phoenix) and when she wakes up, she has total memory loss and doesn’t know who she is.
  • Zuberi then took her as a captive to learn more about her and kept her for nearly 100 years (his lust for her turning more into a dangerous obsession). Once Zuberi learned her name (her trigger to bring back her memory) Eve attacked him and used her fire to burn a print of her hand over his heart so that he would always remember her and she escaped. Other werewolves soon found the mess and Eve was tossed into a lake, her weakness. Eve cannot regenerate in water (so she avoids large bodies of water) and she receives triple cold damage. Eve drowned, and was later fished out of the river by priests.
  • Eve woke up, with total memory loss, and was taught the ways of this God. When they were going to initiate her into the temple, they set her in direct sunlight and she lit the whole temple on fire, killing all of the priests.
  • Eve wandered the plain for over 30 years before being recruited into the ranks of a king. Within 10 years, she was a decorated soldier and was always on by the king’s side, she even had a spot on his council. Zuberi soon sought her out, claiming she was his betrothed. After another 8 years, Eve gave in and on the day of their marriage, Adameth arrived, furious. He unthinkably called out her name and she broke out in a frenzy, killing the king and most of the humans. Adameth and Zuberi fought, before Adameth captured a still frenzied Eve and took her into the mountains to calm her down, leaving Zuberi in mortal peril. Once Eve fell into a coma, Caine called Adameth (who had no choice but to return to his master’s side). Zuberi was there, and a truce was made between the two races (because Zuberi did not wish to fight his mate’s family). Upon this, Adameth was punished for causing the destruction of the human plain and not only was placed in an icy prison for 100 years, but had his elder powers (since he was dubbed the head of the Malkavian household) by an enchantment which would fade off of him eventually, and when it did he would be completely forgiven for his crimes.
  • When Eve woke, she was covered in Adameth’s blood and thought she had killed him, and she immediately killed herself after leaving a letter to herself, telling her to never allow herself to fell anything for any man. When she woke again, she was found by the leader of a guild and brought into their ranks; since Eve didn’t think she had a name, the leader named her Silence.
  • Silence was sent on a mission, with Zar and another companion (I can’t remember his name at the moment) to destroy a guild in a certain city and dominate it. However, the mission was only a plan to get these three killed (which they later learned and killed their former leader). The three of them found the original leader of the clan and Silence agreed to free his brother from the prison and destroy his guild in exchange that he would help them build their own clan. They killed each of the generals and freed the leader’s brother. Then, they began making alliances with the other guilds in a step to take over the city. Silence, however, stunted that growth by snapping in a local pub and killing all of the patrons. This was caused by her holding in her anger towards her two companions from keeping information from her; the next week, or so, Silence began to make amends with the other guilds and even took up protecting the surrounding farmers.
  • Where we left off in the campaign, Silence began to find books that were written about her and demanded that the sorcerer, that she had helped earlier, explain it. He called upon Caine, who gave her her memory back. Silence was on her way to release Adameth from his prison, which he was already free of and on his way back to her. Zar helped joined her on her personal quest (without knowing what she was up to) while the third companion remained in the city.
  • During the destruction of the rival clan, each player was awarded two mercenaries to follow them about. Silence recruited a female Sorceress/Healer and a male Fighter/Acrobat.
Love Interests
  • Silence’s only love interest is Adameth, but her time with Zuberi taught her to love him as well.
  • Her goal is to control her own power, and unite all of the races under a peaceful rule.

Silence (Eve)

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