Clan Nevermore

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How it started

The world of clan nevermore was created from another world all together, a world where vampires walked freely and stalked humans with remorse and concience. One vampire, the first many would say, was Caine. A man that had become unfavored and disillusioned to the world.. he created children but all of them were nothing more than regrets that was until he came upon Moraise, a young desert girl, the only survivor in the massacre of her temple. She was only sixteen and rather naive so when offered the chance to seek revenge on the men who had slaughtered her sisters she lept at it with vicious zeal. Caine turned her, trained her and made her into the twisted woman she is today. But soon time dragged on and Caine began to feel empty and wished for a child of his own made from his own flesh. Moraise saw her fathers pain and designed a ceremony to create a being of fire and life force, the only problem was they needed 12 immortal lifes to end, Caine gathered his childer and slayed them all during the ceremony Creating Eve, his precious child. And this is basically where everything begins, Eve’s life and past experiences drives the campaign forward.


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